Launched Visa Id Intelligence product which is an ecosystem of Authentication Solutions delivering user experiences with effective fraud prevention. Created project plans and feature release plans, and own delivery to milestones and deliverable.



Worked collaboratively with the team, and managed a tech team of 10 UX designers, researchers, and software engineers. I had daily stand-up meetings via video conference with the development and design team in Brazil. I needed a quick MVP (minimum viable product) but ready to scale version of the app. I proposed an initial Sprint to quickly study and run spikes with potential infrastructures and scalable technologies. We collaboratively opted for Elixir and Postgres due to the balance of fast development and scalability. We deployed an interim version of the app every 2 weeks on a Sprint. The prototypes were tested in different times with final users by the UX team in Brazil coordinated by me.


SCRUM and Kanban



  • Implemented a Project Management Process
  • Coach stakeholder on effective Agile & Scrum processes and best practices