Launched Visa ID Intelligence product which is an ecosystem of Authentication Solutions delivering user experiences with effective fraud prevention. Created project plans and feature release planning and owned delivery from milestones to the final product. Worked collaboratively with the creative and strategy teams. Launched Visa ID Authentication Ecosystem which includes landing pages, marketing campaigns, videos & events.



  • Defined SOW and budget. Developed a risk management process. Be sure on-time tasks, report spending, updated risks and assumptions were completed. Implemented changes, and developed partnerships

  • Had daily standup meetings, clarified scope, implemented changes, prioritized deliverables, got client acceptance, monitored status for performance and budget. Planned WBS schedule, and created a Kanban board

  • Moved from email and social to multiple online tools; helped team’s efficiency, collaboration & transparency


  • Coached stakeholder on effective Agile & Scrum processes and best practices

  • Increased transparency with a software Kanban board called Trello

  • Implemented Scrum events

  • Launched product early, on budget & expected quality

  • Delighted Visa adds 7 hi-tech projects


lean product launch