Thaisa Fernandes


Multi-talented Scrum Master and PMP-certified Product Manager


From market research to development, I observe and analyze behavior transforming it into actionable insights. Whether conceptualizing a new product or an existing one, I solve problems quickly and I iterate ideas that are engaging. I manage digital projects and products within diverse teams, from UX design, research to development.

Professional team leader with over seven years of hands-on experience leading successful teams and digital initiatives by leading project sprints, ensuring high-quality delivery, exercising collaborative team and stakeholder management. Able to wear many hats, including coding and design. Focused on finding the right questions to ask and assemble.




Lunna is an app that provides assistance on women’s health. The app learns about user choices, preferences, and symptoms using machine learning; allowing the user to improve life quality. Developed an MVP (minimum viable product) and ready to scale version of the app in React Native and Elixir. Ran 2+ workshops in different stages of the app: design and also development.



  • Worked collaboratively and managed a tech team of 10 UX designers, researchers, and software engineers. Had daily time-boxed stand-up meetings, sprints, sprint reviews, and retrospectives

  • Ran different Google Forms to confirm and discover more information about target needs. In one of the first Google Forms, I’ve gotten +300 answers in 3 days without any massive web campaign

  • Tested the prototype with final users in Brazil and United States. Everybody we talked with got very interested in the app, were willing to donate their time to help, and also participated in the workshops, surveys and beta testing


  • Participants mentioned that the app was “Simple” and “Easy to use”

  • 80% of people who never used an app like Lunna are willing to start to use it

  • 90% of people wanted to switch to Lunna

  • Held 3 workshops with real users in two countries, United States and Brazil

  • +600 surveys answered


SCRUM and Kanban




SoFi is an online personal finance company. I managed the projects with a team of 30+ people including designers,  copywriters, product marketing managers and sales teams of different areas like mortgage, student loan, wealth and personal loans. Delivered 94 projects within a month including billboards, social media campaigns, TV and YouTube commercials, eCRM campaigns, and events for different marketing campaigns.



  • Worked collaboratively and implemented the Lean-Agile framework where the team had daily time-boxed stand-up meetings, sprints, sprint reviews, and retrospectives. The goal was always to learn with the process, validate the learnings to improve faster, and also have fun with the journey

  • To improve transparency, I created a Kanban board used by +30 people including the creative team, stakeholders, product marketing managers, and sales team. Developed weekly newsletters giving the team and stakeholders updates about the projects, and also the creative and development team queue

  • Responsible for forecasting Sprint iterations with the product marketing managers and concerned business partners. Managed the creative queue, adjusting priorities according to the needs of the business in the Kanban board and also in the project management software called Wrike


  • Implemented a Kanban board adopted by a team of +30 people

  • Delivered 94 finalized projects in 30 days

  • Increased production pace by 620% and delivered 282 finalized tasks in 30 days

  • Implemented weekly newsletters shared with the team and also stakeholders

  • Facilitate all Scrum events and coached individuals in Agile processes and tools


lean-agile and kanban

SoFi_Wrike Stats.png
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Launched Visa ID Intelligence product which is an ecosystem of Authentication Solutions delivering user experiences with effective fraud prevention. Created project plans and feature release planning and owned delivery from milestones to the final product. Worked collaboratively with the creative and strategy teams. Launched Visa ID Authentication Ecosystem which includes landing pages, marketing campaigns, videos & events.



  • Defined SOW and budget. Developed a risk management process. Be sure on-time tasks, report spending, updated risks and assumptions were completed. Implemented changes, and developed partnerships

  • Had daily standup meetings, clarified scope, implemented changes, prioritized deliverables, got client acceptance, monitored status for  performance and budget. Planned WBS schedule, and created a Kanban board

  • Moved from email and social to multiple online tools; helped team’s efficiency, collaboration & transparency


  • Coached stakeholder on effective Agile & Scrum processes and best practices

  • Increased transparency with a software Kanban board called Trello

  • Implemented Scrum events

  • Launched product early, on budget & expected quality

  • Delighted Visa adds 7 hi-tech projects


lean product launch





Worked with Hewlett-Packard digital campaigns in Brazil. Responsible for their e-commerce, engagement programs, B2C and B2B campaigns. Worked with a team of +20 people ranging from designers, developers, planning, account managers, and media teams. The deliverables were engagement programs including eCRM, landing pages, SEM, online advertising, quality assurance, and also their e-commerce, special projects, engagement with SMBs.



  • Created a project management process for the HP team and increased productivity. Started defining and tracking success metrics and also prioritizing the queue. Created a Kanban board to make it easier for each member to know who was responsible for what, the queue limit, and also when will be the next iteration

  • Worked collaboratively, had daily standup meetings, sprint, sprint reviews, and retrospectives. Created briefing templates for each deliverable and also an SLA (service level agreement) to estimate time spent and set deadlines for each task

  • Organized and prioritized the flow to helped to reduce the extra hours, increase the productivity and also the team morale


  • Increased the productivity by 140%

  • Produced 1,350 internet banners in a month

  • Created SLA’s and briefings templates

  • Developed a Kanban board

  • Dropped all extra hours


pm process implementation